Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Freight Transport Company

If you're in the vetting process of hiring a freight transport company for a new business you are going to open in which you will need to ship goods and receive inventory, you will have a lot of choices. To help you narrow down your list, here are some important questions to ask prospective freight transport companies. Do You Offer Both Trucks and Planes? -- You may want to hire a freight company that not only ships via trucks, but also offers plane services as well.

Why Opt for Chartered Flights Versus Commercial Flights When Traveling?

Chartered flights are those that you hire for yourself personally, versus commercial flights that might seat hundreds of persons. If you travel often and have never thought about charter flights, you might consider some of its advantages. It can be the solution you need to stressful travel, and it can also offer some benefits you had never considered. 1. Tailored schedule A chartered flight runs on a schedule that is tailored to your needs, rather than on a schedule set by the airline.