3 Important Questions to Ask an Auto Transport Company

When you're moving a long distance or have purchased a rare vehicle from a seller located across the country, you might find it easier to hire a transport company to bring the car to you rather than getting dropped off at the car's location and driving it that distance. Some cars are not even legal to drive on the road and need to be transported by a vehicle transport company, or the car may not be in good working order and cannot be driven anyway. No matter your reasons for using an auto transport company, note a few important questions to ask before you hire them so you know if they're the right choice for you.

1. Is there an extra charge for an enclosed trailer?

If you need to have an antique vehicle or one that is very expensive transported and don't want to risk any exposure to the elements, you might ask about an enclosed trailer. These aren't always standard with an auto transport company but may be provided at an additional charge. If you're very protective of your car, ask about this possibility and how much it would cost.

2. How is the charge figured?

Some transport companies might charge by size and some by weight, with only an added fee for an oversized vehicle like a large truck or camper van. If you're charged by weight, you want to ensure the gas tank is as empty as possible and you've removed any excess items from the vehicle. You might not think much of the spare parts and other items you have in the car's trunk but their weight can quickly add up, and it may be a better option to have these delivered by another means, or take them with you in a moving truck.

3. What insurance is included?

Auto transport companies will have some type of insurance for the cars they ship, but you might ask about the coverage and its limits. If you feel it's inadequate because your car is rare or especially expensive, you can usually negotiate with a transport company to raise the limit of coverage for an added fee. Your own insurance company might also offer special coverage on the vehicle just for transport, also for an added fee. It's good to know these numbers before you ship your car so you know it will be protected during transit and you'll be reimbursed properly if there should be an accident.