Get me to the airport in time (during peak hour)

If you need to make a flight in time, it's important to plan ahead and make sure that you have enough time, particularly if you need to get to the airport during peak hour. Here is a quick comparison of some of the options. 


Getting a taxi to the airport can be a reasonable option because cab drivers will talk to each other to work out the best route, and they will usually be able to avoid traffic if they want to. However, there are some less than honest operators existing, who don't mind padding out fares by having a customer take a longer route or sit longer in traffic. This can be particularly tricky if you are not familiar with the route and/or the language as it can be hard to question a dishonest driver in this situation.

Public transport

Many Australian cities have public transport options to get to the airport, including buses that operate in dedicated bus lanes and trains. This is often the cheapest option for getting to the airport. These transport options can be good as they don't tend to be too affected by the traffic as they operate in different spaces; however, they tend to get affected in another way, which is that they have a lot more passengers during peak hours. This can be very tricky if you need space for large and bulky bags, especially if your public transport route includes a leg to get to the main terminal so that you can board the airport transport route.

Airport shuttle

One of the best options to get to the airport on time is an airport shuttle. They pick from a range of popular locations including local hotels and charge a fixed price so that they have no motivation to take you on a long route or keep you running. They also have extensive luggage storage as they are designed to carry airport passengers. As the services run the same route each day they are familiar with peak hour traffic and common traffic jam locations, so they can take you on the most efficient route and can advise if you are likely to need more time at a certain point of the day. 

There are a range of options that can get you to the airport on time, even in peak hour. An airport shuttle is often a good balance between price and convenience.