Travel Smart: Tips for Bus Hire

Hiring a bus is a practical way to organise a cost effective trip. Coach and bus hire help to spread the cost of fuel and rental fees while enabling everyone to arrive at the point of destination at the same time. This can really help when organising a trip where a strict time schedule in needed and there is a real danger that people will get lost and arrive late. However, on a socialising front it offers the perfect opportunity to enjoy the drive and have a good chat before you reach your destination.

Proper Etiquette For Your First Wine Tasting Tour

If you are planning on going on a wine tasting tour, but don't have much experience wine tasting in general, now is the perfect time to learn. While many people go on these tours without much experience with wine, there are some etiquette rules you should keep in mind. Avoid Wearing Strong Scents This might seem silly, but it is actually really important when you are wine tasting. Many people want to smell the scent of their wine during the wine tasting process, which is difficult to do when their nose is overwhelmed by the smell of your fragrance.

3 Top Tips for Your First Off-Campus Home

Have you decided to move into off-campus housing this year? Whether you're a first-year student, or you've graduated from your old housing situation, getting your first off-campus housing can be incredibly stressful. Living with friends or a partner may seem easier, but chances are your fellow students are just as confused about housing as you are. There's no way to make moving into your first house completely pain-free, but here are 3 top tips to alleviate your furnishing stress.