3 Top Tips for Your First Off-Campus Home

Have you decided to move into off-campus housing this year? Whether you're a first-year student, or you've graduated from your old housing situation, getting your first off-campus housing can be incredibly stressful. Living with friends or a partner may seem easier, but chances are your fellow students are just as confused about housing as you are. There's no way to make moving into your first house completely pain-free, but here are 3 top tips to alleviate your furnishing stress.

Get Second Hand Furniture

As a busy and financially struggling student, it can be hard to find a way to furnish your new home. If you don't want to fork out thousands of dollars on brand new fixtures, buying second-hand furniture might be your ideal solution. Second-hand doesn't need to be synonymous with old and worn – you can find plenty of hidden gems if you shop around. If you like to browse in person, check out various second-hand charity stores around Australia. If shopping online is more your thing, take a look at websites that allow people to sell or give away their secondhand furniture. These websites have tons of offerings between them, ranging from cheap to free depending on your budget.

Get Insured

Even if you've managed to bag some great furniture deals, you'll want to ensure your more valuable items are protected. In 2009-2010, there were over 300,000 recorded household break-ins across Australia. The last thing you need is to return home after a stressful exam to find your house ransacked, and your precious electronics or jewellery are missing. Contents insurance will protect you if your house is burgled, and many companies offer special, flexible insurance plans for students. For extra peace of mind, consider getting your portable items insured separately, just in case you lose or damage them while you're out of the house. Almost any item can be insured - from phones to laptops to bikes to instruments. 

Get Self-Storage

If you're thinking about leaving your student pad to spend your summer break travelling or living with family, what will you do with your furniture? Instead of selling your belongings and re-buying everything next year, why not try self-storage? Storage facilities can house all your home fixtures (from TVs to desks) in a lockup for as long as you need. Whether you'll be gone for a few months or a whole year, self-storage is one of the easiest and most flexible solutions to your problem. Choose from a range of sizes depending on your budget and needs, and everything will stay securely stored until you return to university.