3 Questions To Ask Your Heavy Haulage Specialist

A heavy haulage specialist helps you move oversized loads across the Australian road network. Detailed consultations are at the heart of any successful move. Below are some interview questions to help you as you consult with your heavy haulage specialist

1. What Trucks Will You Use?  

The haulage truck is probably the most vital aspect of heavy haulage. Several factors will determine the type of trucks to use. Typically, the heavy haulage specialist examines the dimensions and weight to select a suitable truck. If the load exceeds the standard load dimensions or weight, the specialist could recommend using special trailers such as modular transporters. The professional could also consider dismantling the load if it is too wide. 

It would not hurt if you examined the truck the professional intends to use. Assess its service records to determine whether it can successfully haul your load. Moreover, look for defects such as worn-out tires or a leaking engine that could be a recipe for accidents during haulage. Experienced professionals often have a truck on standby that hauls the load to its destination if the primary truck breaks down. Besides, they deploy experienced mechanics to offer roadside repairs if the trucks break down. 

2. How Long Will It Take To Move The Load? 

As a client, one of your concerns would be the haulage timeline. Several factors will determine how long it will take to move the load. They include; 

  • The period it takes to acquire permits from the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR).
  • The distance from the load's location to its final destination. Heavy haulage vehicles move from sunset to sunrise in Australia. Therefore, the trip could take longer.
  • If the haulage convoy passes through busy towns or tackles steep slopes or terrain, haulage could take longer.
  • Sometimes, the heavy haulage specialist must work with amenity companies. For instance, take a case where the haulage truck could interfere with power cables. In this case, the specialist consults with the company to know when to disconnect power as the truck passes into the area.   

3. What Safety Measures Will You Institute? 

The specialist must institute safety measures to prevent accidents along the way. For instance, the haulage truck must have escorts to warn other motorists of a heavy haulage convoy. Moreover, the specialist must be prepared for emergencies that could occur along the way. For example, they might need tow trucks to haul the haulage truck in muddy terrain. The professional must also offer live updates during haulage.