Two Reasons Why You Should Use a Rented Bus to Transport Your Wedding Guests

If you need to rent some mode of transportation to get your wedding guests to the ceremony or reception venue, you should consider contacting a bus hire business and renting one of their buses for your special day. Here are two reasons why.

It will give the guests who've met before a chance to chat in a relaxed setting

Oftentimes at weddings, several of the bride and groom's guests will have never met before. If this will be the case at your wedding and you're planning to seat guests who don't know each other at the same tables, then transporting all of your guests in a hired bus could be a good idea. The reason for this is that when wedding guests meet each other for the first time in a formal setting, like at a table at a wedding reception, they may feel under pressure to make conversation with these people they do not know and might feel a bit awkward about this at first.

However, if you transport all of your guests to the ceremony and reception venues on a rented bus, they'll have a chance to interact in a far more relaxed, informal environment initially. On the bus, your guests can, for example, sing songs, exchange funny stories about how they met you or your partner or discuss what wedding gifts they bought you, and generally begin the process of breaking the ice and getting to know each other in a very laidback setting. This could make the wedding reception far more fun for your guests who end up seated next to people they're not already friends with or related to, as they'll have already had a chance to socialise with each other whilst on the rented bus.

It's a very affordable way to get from a to z

The other reason why hiring a bus could be an excellent idea is that it could make your wedding that much more affordable. If, for example, you were to rent fancy chauffeured cars to transport the guests, and each of these cars could only fit three or four people, then you could end up having to pay for 15 or more of these chauffeured vehicles. This could be very expensive. Even arranging 15 or more ordinary taxis could be very pricy.

However, if you hire a bus that can hold all of your guests, you will only have to pay a modest fee for this service and you can then either enjoy the savings or put the extra money that would have gone towards the more expensive chauffeured car service towards another part of the wedding (such as a more expensive, decadent wedding cake).

It's also worth noting that the buses rented out for weddings are usually stylish, comfortable and well-maintained, and their interior appearance can also be enhanced by the addition of things like balloons. As such, whilst this is a very affordable way to travel to a wedding venue, it won't look or feel like a low-budget mode of transportation to your guests.