Top Tips When Hiring A Refrigerated Transport Company

Businesses that deal with perishable products experience logistics problems. Since the products have a short life cycle, they must reach the market in the shortest time possible. During the low season, product spoilage becomes an issue since the supply exceeds the demand. Refrigerated transport offers an instant solution since it ensures the products remain fresh during transport and distribution. In most cases, businesses opt to outsource this service since it requires significant investment. Besides, the business may not have the expertise required to conduct refrigerated transport. 

The extract below details the considerations that businesses should make when hiring a refrigerated transport company. 

Examine The Company Resources

You will be interested in three resources: human, financial and equipment. In regard to human resources, the company personnel should have adequate training and experience in cold chain management. It guarantees that they understand how to prepare the products for transport, the optimum transportation temperatures and practices and how to monitor the products during haulage. 

The company must have a solid financial history. It ensures that they do not incur issues that could affect product transportation. For instance, if a truck breaks down, the company can deploy another vehicle to transport your products. Your primary concern when assessing the company equipment would be the transportation trucks. Typically, the trucks must be in excellent condition. Additionally, the refrigerated unit should be in excellent condition. If you intend to transport a small volume of goods, consider companies whose trucks have different temperature zones. 

Inquire About The Scope Of The Company Operations

Ideally, you would be concerned about the company's operating routes. For instance, if you intend to ship your products to another territory, go for a company with a licence to operate nationally. If you ship your products to another country, consider companies with international shipping licences. 

Check The Company Terms And Conditions

Assess and negotiate the company's terms. For instance: 

  • If you run 24/7 operations, you should ask the company to ship your products during the weekend and at night.
  • Check whether the company offers cold storage services. It is a sure way to keep your products fresh before customers pick them up.
  • If your customers reside off the main road or away from major towns, ask the company to offer last mileage delivery.
  • The company must offer guarantees on their services. It ensures you receive compensation for damaged products. 
  • The company should have a reasonable pricing strategy. For instance, they should adjust the standard charges to suit the prevailing market conditions. 

There are many factors that come into play when choosing a refrigerated transport company. This means you must examine the company resources, the scope of operation, terms and conditions.