Two tips if you're hosting your wedding in a remote forest and want to use a refrigerated transport service

A remote forest can serve as a beautiful and very peaceful setting for a wedding. However, if you decide to host your nuptials in this type of area, you will probably need to use a refrigerated transport service to deliver your wedding cake and the other fresh food to your venue so that these items do not end up spoiling before they get to the forest. Below are two tips to keep in mind if you're going to use this service.

Find out how much food you'll serve before calling the transportation company

Before you call the transportation company whose refrigerated transport services you will be using, you should find out exactly how much food you will need them to transport. When doing this, make sure that you also find out the exact size of your wedding cake.

The reason for this is that the size of the van the company decides to use for your order will be based on the quantity of food that you tell them they need to transport. If when you call them, you only have a rough estimate of the quantity of food that you'll be transporting in their vehicle and it emerges on the day of your wedding that you need a lot more food delivered that you initially thought (or that your wedding cake is far bigger than you imagined), the van they selected might not have enough space for all of these extra meals, or for your cake.

If your wedding location is a remote forest that is, for example, a couple of hours' drive away from the town or city where the transportation company is supposed to collect the food, it might not be feasible for the driver of the too-small van to make multiple trips in order to deliver all of the dishes, as there simply won't be enough time for them to do this before the dinner is served. As such, if you want to avoid this disaster, you must provide the transportation company with the correct information, regarding the food quantities that you will need them to transport for you.

Request a refrigerated van with a freezer compartment

It is also important to specifically request a refrigerated van that has a freezer compartment inside of it when you contact the transportation company. The reason for this that not all of the refrigerated vans that these type of companies provide have freezer compartments in them.

This is a feature that you will almost certainly require in order to transport the ice cubes that you will need to serve with drinks at your wedding and for any ice cream or other frozen desserts that you intend to give to your guests after their main course. If you forget to request a van with a freezer compartment, you may end up having to serve your friends and relatives lukewarm drinks and may not be able to give them any ice cream with their slices of wedding cake.