Staying Safe on Your Grand Prix Helicopter Trip: 4 Top Tips

Hiring a helicopter to fly to the Formula 1 track can be very exciting. However, if you do not regularly fly by helicopter, it is important that you are aware of the steps you need to stay safe. Helicopters are an incredibly safe way to travel so you should not worry. You will be perfectly fine as long as you keep the following tips in mind.

Turn up in time for the preflight briefing 

On the day of the Grand Prix, it is vital that you turn up at the take-off point in time for the preflight briefing. It can be very tempting to turn up at the last moment but doing so could cause problems. A pilot is unlikely to fly with passengers who have not received a briefing so turning just as your flight is about to depart could lead to delays. During short briefing will detail the duration of the flight, the expected weather conditions and will provide you with safety advice. 

Only approach the helicopter when told to do so

When you see the helicopter getting ready to take off, you might be tempted to move towards it so you can board. However, you should keep well back until you receive the signal that it is safe to approach. If the blades are spinning, you should keep your head down. Sudden gusts of wind can cause the helicopter blades to sink slightly, which can narrow the gap between the ground and the rotor. Keeping your head down will help to keep you safe.

Sit in your allocated seat

When you approach the helicopter, the ground crew will tell you where you should sit. You should sit in the seat allocated to you and resist the temptation to change seat mid-flight. Helicopters much remain balanced when in the air. In order to balance the aircraft, the ground crew will ask people who are different weights to sit in different positions. Sitting in a different seat or moving about during the flight could cause the pilot control problems.

Beware of the tail rotor

A large number of helicopter accidents occur because people do not pay attention to the tail rotor. The tail rotor spins at head and body height. When it is spinning at full speed, it can be very difficult to see. For this reason, you should never approach a helicopter from the rear.

If you follow these tips, you will have a safe and enjoyable helicopter trip to the F1 track.