Why a Bus Charter Service for a School Formal Is a Good Idea

It might seem like only yesterday that you were taking your son or daughter to school for their very first day, and now it's time for their school formal! You obviously want them to have an unforgettable time, and yet you want to do everything you can to ensure that they stay safe on their big night. This is why utilising bus charter services on the night in question can be a fantastic way to make sure that the night remains under control, and that everyone gets to where they're going in the safest way possible. It doesn't necessarily need to be something organised by the school, and you can easily make the arrangements yourself.

Gauging Interest

Speak to the parents of your child's friends who will also be attending the event to gauge interest. Once you have an approximate idea of the number of people who will be using the bus service, you're in a much better position to obtain quotes from the charter companies in your area.

An Alcohol-Free Zone

While the bus company might have an alcohol license, you might wish to opt for a service that doesn't permit the consumption of alcohol onboard the bus (even if some of the students are of legal drinking age), just to keep things under control as much as is possible.

The Meeting Point

Choose a meeting point. This might be someone's home, or a convenient public dropping off point where everyone can gather and then get on the bus.

A Photo Opportunity

Is there an ideal beauty spot for some photos enroute? You could arrange for the bus to stop here so that everyone can grab a few photos with their dates and their friends. You and the other parents might want to make your own way here so that you can take a few photos of your own.

In Case of An After Party

Depending on the schedule for the evening, the bus might no longer be needed once everyone has been safely delivered to the event. However, you might also wish to hire the bus for longer, so that everyone can be picked up again afterwards, before being transported to any after party that might have been scheduled. The bus can also simply transport everyone to a central dropping off point if this is the end of the evening.

It's an added expense, and yet the cost of a bus charter needn't be prohibitive (particularly as the cost can be shared with other parents). It also offers some peace of mind when you know that your child has a way of getting to and from the formal in a safe way that allows them to be with their friends.

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