Why Opt for Chartered Flights Versus Commercial Flights When Traveling?

Chartered flights are those that you hire for yourself personally, versus commercial flights that might seat hundreds of persons. If you travel often and have never thought about charter flights, you might consider some of its advantages. It can be the solution you need to stressful travel, and it can also offer some benefits you had never considered.

1. Tailored schedule

A chartered flight runs on a schedule that is tailored to your needs, rather than on a schedule set by the airline. If you want to fly on a particular day and at a particular time, you don't need to hunt around the internet to find the right airline and connecting flights to accommodate your schedule. You can hire a charter flight to arrive and depart at virtually any time that is convenient for you.

2. Less downtime

Very often, a commercial fight means having to arrive at an airport several hours before the plane is scheduled to take off so you can check your bags, go through security, and so on. The flight may then also be delayed for any length of time after that. With a chartered flight, you don't need to arrive so early in order to stand in long lines for checking in, and there is much less risk of delay, so you have less downtime in an airport.

3. More airports

Commercial flights may be limited as to the airports they can use. This is due to the size of their planes, fuel availability, the most popular destinations for customers, and the like. However, chartered fights typically mean smaller planes that can land at a much larger number of airports, so you have more choices as to your final destination or pickup location. This can mean less time commuting to your home or office or other area once you land, and a shorter drive to your pickup airport as well.

4. Privacy

Chartered flights are often hired by business executives, politicians, celebrities, and the like because they appreciate their privacy. When you're spending time on a flight discussing a business merger, legal case, and other such delicate matters, you don't want to be overheard by other passengers or worry about someone looking over your shoulder at your laptop or tablet. You can then freely spend the time on the plane conducting business without needing to shut off your computer every time you use the restroom or avoid talking on the phone because of the passengers around you.