3 Unusual Hen Party Ideas

If one of your best friends is about to get married, now is the time to start planning the hen party. Traditional hen parties involve a lot of alcohol, dancing, food and perhaps a saucy show from a stripper. However, increasing numbers of hens are now enjoying more unusual hen parties which offer more excitement than the usual night out.


Is there a better way to embrace the danger and thrill of being alive than throwing yourself out of a perfectly good aeroplane? If you know that the bride is someone who loves adventure and extreme sports, you may want to consider signing them up for a skydive. Thankfully, if you choose this option, each member of the hen party taking part will be strapped to an instructor who is wearing a parachute. While not all members of the hen party may want to take part, this doesn't mean they can't have fun staying on the ground and enjoying a glass of wine while waiting to welcome the hen as she descends from the sky.

Zombie Experience

If the hen likes nothing more than watching a horror film while hiding behind the nearest cushion, you may wish to sign them up for a zombie experience. Zombie experiences allow those taking part to experience the thrill and terror of living in the world of the living dead. These experiences are normally held in disused industrial spaces, old train stations and other spooky places. Actors wearing professional makeup will pop up and chase those taking part through the set until they make it out alive and celebrate with a bottle of fizz. Zombie experiences will often have secret cameras located around the set which will capture the hen's face of horror as a monster approaches her.

Party Bus

Party buses, such as stretched limos and large utility vehicles have become an increasingly popular way for people to get to and from a party. However, if you really want to surprise the bride-to-be, you could hire a party bus which doesn't have a final destination. Instead, the driver will follow a prearranged route which takes in the most magnificent sights of the city. Imagine driving down the main street and watching the people passing by while you party like it is 1999. Keeping the party on the bus means you don't have to worry about queuing at the bar or dancing on an overcrowded dance floor. For more information, contact a hen or bucks party bus hire.